God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit: The Best Conspiracy Theory
Rev. Charles Westby, Pastor
John 14:23-31
June 09, 2019

In the church year today we celebrate the Day of Pentecost. It is the Day that God the Father and the God the Son gave God the Holy Spirit to the church and brought the church into existence. This occurrence is important because there is no Christian church without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us the word that teaches us the truth and teaches us about Jesus as the Christ. The Holy Spirit is the strength and power of faith in Jesus. You cannot believe in Jesus without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives eternal life in Jesus to us.

There is much the Scripture teaches about the Holy Spirit, but we cannot cover all that ground now. So we focus on what Jesus says in John chapter 14.

In doing so I have thrown the word “conspiracy” into the mix. It might be risky for me to do so because we usually think of a conspiracy as a bad thing, like a government cover up about aliens visiting the earth or a criminal conspiracy, or something. But thinking of a grand, divine conspiracy may enable us to drive home an important point about the Holy Spirit, because a conspiracy involves a meeting of the minds to accomplish a common purpose or objective.

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are conspiring. They are of one mind and have a common purpose or objective. The Holy Spirit is not going off on His own, doing His own thing. He is of one mind and spirit with the Father and the Son, Jesus. The common purpose and objective are Jesus as the revelation of the Father and the salvation the Father accomplishes for us.

We see this in the Gospel reading from John 14. In verse 23, Jesus says the following: “If someone loves Me, He will keep my words.” Then a little later in verse 24 He says that “the word that you hear is not mine but the Father’s who sent me.” When Jesus speaks, He speaks the words of the Father.

Jesus and the Father are in cahoots.

But then Jesus also goes on in verse 26, when the Helper comes, “He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance everything that I have said to you.” The Holy Spirit does not speak differently than Jesus speaks. The words the Holy Spirit caused the Apostles to remember and preach and write were Jesus’s words.

The Spirit and Jesus are in cahoots.

Now Jesus adds something to this. If we love Jesus, we keep His words and the Father loves us. Then Jesus goes on to say in verse 23 that “we” will come to that person and make their home with him or her. Did you catch the word “we” here? “We,” that is, both the Father and the Son, will make their home with that person.

How does that happen? What is the vehicle by which Jesus and the Father come to us to make a home with us? You guessed it. By the Holy Spirit. Jesus says in verse 26 that the Helper will come, the Holy Spirit, who the Father will send in His Name.

The Father sends the Spirit. But the Spirit is not sent independently of Jesus. Quite the contrary. The Spirit is sent in Jesus’s Name. So we believe and affirm that if the Spirit is operating, Jesus is at the center—Jesus being taught, being believed in, being hoped in, being worshipped, God the Father and God the Spirit being worshiped through Him. Jesus affirms this in John 16, verse 14, where He says that the Spirit will glorify Him, because He will receive from Jesus and proclaim it to us.

Beware of a spirit that operates independently of Jesus and places the focus on itself.

So we see that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are of one mind in a great, wonderful conspiracy. There are of one mind for a common purpose in Jesus.

That is glorious enough in itself. But there is something even more glorious. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit did not keep this conspiracy to themselves. They extended the circle of it to include the Apostles. They included the Apostles so that we could know Jesus as the Spirit caused them to teach and to write, and so we could know Jesus’s words—Jesus who is the revelation of the Father and the way of justification before God and eternal life.

In verse 26 of John 14 Jesus teaches us that the Spirit will causes the apostles to remember what Jesus had spoken to them. The “you” in that verse are the apostles. The Spirit causes the Apostles to remember Jesus’s words so that we could have them in the church and come to know and believe in Jesus.

But there is more. You and I are included in the expanding conspiracy. The Spirit continues to bring the word of the Apostles to you today and causes you to hear and believe. And as you hear and believe the Spirit is making you of one mind with the Father and the Son, as well as with Himself.

You also now are in cahoots with the Father and the Spirit in the truth and the way of salvation in Jesus Christ, the Son. Being in cahoots with them in Jesus gives you life and peace.

But this is not a conspiracy that God intends to keep silent; that God intends to cover up and keep confined to a certain circle of those in-the-know. It is a conspiracy that the Holy Spirit works now through us to reveal and speak about so that the circle of the conspiracy of those who are in cahoots with God’s great, grand scheme in Jesus, may ever expand; that there be an ever expanding circle of the meeting of minds in Christ Jesus.

This is all a good thing. For what God does in Christ is tell us the truth about ourselves. Then He accomplishes the atoning sacrifice for our sins, raises us from the death of unbelief and hopelessness in Jesus’s own resurrection from the dead. And He gives the gift of the Spirit of Jesus and life that inspires us with the love of God to live for God, for each other, and for our neighbor. Thus, this conspiracy of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is the best conspiracy theory ever, and it brings life and good to all it embraces. May it abound and flourish everywhere, and among us here. Amen.

Now the peace of God which surpasses all human understanding guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Amen.


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